At an early age, I was inspired by the people closest to me. Their teachings fed my thirst to reflect upon the world around me, always absorbing, always adapting, and always evolving. "I remember when I was going away to college," my grandma, in her infamous words of wisdom, recalled, "Someone asked me, 'Well, what do you want to do with your life?' I never did decide what I wanted to do- and I'm still trying to think." She taught me to live in the present, to take interest in everything around me, making even the insignificant seem like a grand gesture. This is where I learned how to find happiness.

In my journey over the years, I have experienced numerous types of photography, including wedding, portrait, corporate, landscape, and live music, where I am currently the Photo Editor for My sister, a NKU art graduate, first influenced me. I was her shadow, experimenting and learning about photography. Coupled with a talented and encouraging high school art teacher, I was simultaneously gaining knowledge and pushing the envelope with new techniques and projects. This led me to pursue my own education in Photography at NKU, earning a Bachelor in Arts, a minor in photography and certification to teach K-12 Art.

With my grandma's guidance and my knowledge I gained through education, I have developed my own philosophy of photography. My goal in every photograph I take is to capture what most people have a hard time seeing. I don't just take pictures of people, places, or events. I capture the true personalities of people. One of my greatest influences is Bruce Davidson, who intimately captures the lifestyles of people in their own environments. "If I am looking for a story at all- it is in my relationship to the subject- the story that tells me rather than I tell.” Just like Davidson, I am merely an observer.